Project Quality Assurance Plan updated and Quality Monitoring Reports submitted

Quality Assurance Group has updated the Project Quality Assurance Plan, adopted it and made public at in March 2020. The Plan was updated to include details on internal evaluation responsibilities and internal quality procedure documents.

Internal evaluation responsibilities are established by parallel monitoring of all aspects of project realization in regard to project management, deliverables and impact. The Plan additionally covers the detailed procedures to be followed and steps to be taken within the internal evaluation and monitoring procedure.

Internal quality procedure documents, to be used by Work Package Chairs, Quality Assurance Group members and Project Coordinator for the purposes of internal quality control, include quality checklists, reports on deliverables, quality monitoring reports, internal quality monitoring report timetable and quality questionnaires. The aim and content of each document is offered, along with templates for all of them, set as Appendixes and Annexes to the main document of Project Quality Assurance Plan.

The updated Project Quality Assurance Plan is available bellow and within the Library/Documents section of the website.

Quality Monitoring Reports for activities and deliverables in work packages 1 (Preparation and Analysis), 2 (Upgrading of Methodology), 6 (Quality Assurance), 7 (Dissemination and Exploitation) and 8 (Project Management) were submitted and adopted. Short Quality Monitoring Reports are available bellow and within Library/Reports section of the website.

Project Quality Action Plan
Quality Assurance Annual Review
DEMUSIS QAG and Project external evaluator meeting
Annexes 1-4 and Appendix 1-4
DEMUSIS Quality Monitoring Reports

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