First student placements in Mad Head Games

The first group of 6 students from national academic partner institutions in Belgrade (P1) and Kragujevac (P3) completed their practical placements in gaming company Mad Head Games (P10) in September 6–20, 2021. Four students of new master study program Applied Research of Music (PRIMA) at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (P1) and two students of master study program Music in Media, updated with new course Digital portfolio introduced in academic year 2020/21, had an opportunity to test and broaden their knowledge on gaming industry, particularly in the field of music and sound production for video games.

The main aim of the practical placement was to introduce students to as many aspects of video games production, in order to better understand this growing industry and explore the possibilities it offers to music professionals. During their practical placements, the music students learned about the specific characteristics of video games as an interactive media, the technical aspects of its production, including the organizational structure of development studies and production technology. In addition, the students were introduced to aesthetic principles of games dramaturgy, particularly on Mad Head Games projects.

A special attention was, of course, been given to sound design and production, which included not only music but also sound effects and dialogues.

At the end of placement period, the students were given tasks of creating concepts for game music direction, based on a game segment. This task was met with great enthusiasm among students, who engaged their creativity, knowledge and skills to match the chosen music to visual narrative game aesthetic, to edit it so that music and sound follow the dynamics and events in the game. Some of their works are available on project’s YouTube channel.

In accordance with ongoing measures to control the spread of disease COVID-19 in Serbia, the student practice was carried out completely online.

The partners and collaborators from Mad Head Games are eager to welcome the second group of students from P1-P2 on practical placements in November 2021.

Student placements in Mad Head Games: Agenda

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