Digital and media laboratories at P2 and P3 upgraded

Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad (P2) and the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac (P3) upgraded their digital and media laboratories with equipment purchased through Public procurement and tendering procedure in July 2019 and Repeated Public procurement and tendering procedure for remaining lots in November 2019. The procured equipment was installed upon payment, delivery and introduction to appropriate inventory lists. The upgrade of digital and media laboratories was accompanied by infrastructure enhancement, such as the new network and electricity installation at P3. The new equipment is set for teaching, learning and student projects and was first put to use for the realization of new and modernized courses in academic year 2019/20.

At the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, the new audio equipment (microphones, preamp, mic stands and keyboards) was delivered in the fall of 2019 and was actively used for classes of Basics of Music Recording and Production, Music Production and Creative Digitization. Notation tablets were used by music students for practice. The use of new equipment in student projects haven’t reached its full potential due to Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020, but in academic year 2020/21 more than 100 students and teachers will use the equipment.

In 2019/20 procured up-to-date computers were used at the Faculty of Philology and Art, University of Kragujevac for teaching and learning in the newly introduced course Music in the digital environment, as well as in the modernized courses such as Digital audio-video editing, Interactive Multimedia, Digital sound synthesis, and Digital music instruments. Audio equipment has also been used in classes and for sound recordings, processing and editing. The software, which was somewhat belated delivered in July 2020 due to COVID-19, will be used in teaching process and production of audio and video content from 2020/2021. The acquired equipment benefits the majority of students of all study programmes at P3 (243), along with teaching and technical staff.

Given the wider scope equipment purchase than envisaged by project proposal, and greater number of modernized and new courses introduced relying on the active use of acquired equipment, more students than initially foreseen will be direct beneficiaries of it.

Installed equipment of P2 (University of Novi Sad)

Installed equipment of P3 (University of Kragujevac)


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