Third generation of students enrolled to new MA study programs successfully graduated

During September 2023, 5 students graduated with distinction from the DEMUSIS MA study program Applied Research of Music (PRIMA) from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. They publicly presented and defended their thesis and original music projects addressed to specific social groups as new audiences.

Nebojša Bogićević
Musical Stories (musical songs and stories transmedia storytelling for digital musical education of preschool children)

The aim of this master thesis is a creation of an original music internet platform, as a digital tool for preschool children education, with intention for children to develop their musicality in an amusing way, by learning original musical songs and stories. Additionally, through the specific themes of musical stories and songs, children also become familiar with music terms, music instruments as well as with the basic themes of everyday culture.

Mladen Dimitrijević
Music Incorporated. Implementation of music in corporative environment

The goal of this master thesis was the implementation of music in the concrete corporative business environment as well as the further determination of the effects and benefits of this idea. The target group of this project are different, national, and international corporations who are interested to benefit from implementing music in their business environment.

Iva Pažin
Overreacting. Creation of a debut music album and its transmedia storytelling promotion

This project is aimed at transmedia storytelling promotion of a debut music album by student Iva Pažin, who performs under a stage name ZHIVA. Through music and the narratives around it, Iva emphasizes youth mental health obstacles and challenges in everyday life. Iva’s album concert promotion was realized in Belgrade City cultural centre on November 2, 2023.

Nastastija Stefanović
K-ART. Kolarac Endowment new artistic program

The K-ART program is set to include a series of monthly realized events dedicated to the artistic problematizations of different topics from transmedia perspectives. The goal of this project is to modernize the Kolarac Endowment programs, attracting the new audience and emphasizing the place of this institution as a traditional centre of Serbian culture and art.

Sara Tasovac
Music festival From Balkanika to Pentatonic

The goal of this project was creation and realization of the music festival that will enhance the connection and cooperation of artist from Serbia and China. The festival program includes Serbian composers’ music, as well as artistic and traditional music from China performed by the Serbian and Chinese musicians. The festival had its premier realization on September 30, 2023, in Novi Sad.

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