New master study program developed at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and submitted for accreditation

As the results of intense exchange of knowledge and practice between the national academic partner institutions and EU partners in the frame of the DEMUSIS project, a new master study program Music Production was developed by the Academy of Arts University of Novi Sad (P2) and submitted for accreditation to the National Entity for Accreditation on 21 December 2022. Previously it was adopted by the institutional bodies – Academy of Arts in Novi Sad Council on 29 September 2022, and the University of Novi Sad Senate on 27 October 2022.

The master programme in Music Production is designed as a one-year program (60 ECTS) in which the student acquires, relying on previous education at bachelor level, a high level of knowledge and artistic expression in the field of music production. The Music Production master programme at AUNS is formulated as interdisciplinary programme, connecting music and audio-visual media. As such, the curriculum is aimed at mastering modern techniques and shaping personal artistic expression in new and traditional media forms. Part of the program is directed towards entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries.

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