Heloisa Amaral’s teaching visit to P1 and P2

Heloisa Amaral, lecturer in artistic research and curatorial practices in music at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (P4) was in a teaching visit to the Faculty of Music of the University of Arts in Belgrade (P1) and the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad (P2) from 10 to 15 April 2022. Her visit included lectures and Q&A sessions entitled Yearning to Connect: A Short Introduction to Music Curatorship, with students of modernized BA studies of Music performance, as well as with students of two new master programs Applied Research of Music and Music Direction from P1.

Over a hundred of BA students from P1 and P2 came to her lectures on music curatorship. Issues like context of a music event and performance, what a concert actually means for a performing artist with questions like how, when, where, with whom and to whom an artist performs, were among many explored and reflected upon in active discussions with students. Music curatorship was therefore considered as collecting music, people, places, ideas in a reflective and social engaged way. The sessions also included discussions of compelling examples, recent and historical, while music performance students also shared their own personal experience. Heloisa Amaral’s lectures were inspired by a text with the same title published in 2020.

The teaching and Q&A session with MA students of two study programs introduced in the framework of the DEMUSIS project – those of Music Direction and Applied Research in Music, further explored the topic of music curatorship through personal and other examples, particularly those practices having a strong component of social engagement of musicians. This seminar also included dialogue on plans for students’ master thesis and projects, along with sharing experience and some inspirational examples of good practice from the lecturer’s home institution. This type of engaged discussion was particularly well received among students. In addition, concept and details of the Research catalogue database was introduced with some examples of the Royal Conservatoire from The Hague artistic master research program and projects presented in more detail.

Additionally, Heloisa Amaral’s visit included talks with teachers with an exchange of experience and good practice organized in each host institution, along with meetings considering plans for next the teaching visit in the fall semester 2022.

Teaching visits from EU (P4–P6) to national (P1–P3) academic partner institutions are being realized within project activity 4.3: Implementation of new and modernized study programs.

Heloisa Amaral'a teaching visit to P1 and P2 on 11-15.4.2022. Agenda.pdf

Teaching visit to the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad on 11 April 2022

Teaching visit to the Faculty of Music in Belgrade on 13-14 April 2022

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